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I posted a few months ago about my Etsy store, which I set up as a platform to sell some of my vintage clothing and footwear collection. I got a bit slack with updating it over the latter part of 2015; work and Christmas, alongside daily blogging, took precedence and it got a little neglected, sad to say! I have also been using Depop as a platform to sell my more modern pieces and you can check out my post on that here.

Going forward, I am going to keep the accounts separate, to sell vintage on the Etsy store and current high street fashion on the Depop shop. This way, if you aren't interested in vintage, you can head straight to Depop to see the latest pieces in my shop (more added today!) and if high street trends aren't your bag, you can shop handpicked vintage straight from my wardrobe. I hope to add some more items over the coming weeks so do keep an eye out for those!

In keeping with my capsule wardrobe and generally trying to be tidier and less cluttered in 2016, I have purged my wardrobes several times and, whilst a lot has gone to charity, there are a few bits and pieces that I've thought might be worth selling on, so if you like my style or vintage fashion in general, make sure you check out my shop here.

XO Amie
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