Winter Look #002: Leopard & Khaki

Wearing: Topshop coat (similar here and here) Monki hat (similar here) Hermes satchel (similar here) Jigsaw trousers (similar here) Whistles cashmere jumper (similar here)

This khaki Whistles jumper is a carryover from my autumn capsule wardrobe, and I think my winter capsule is now pretty much set up. I've committed not to buy any more clothes now until the end of March, and I think it's a reasonable assumption to make that the weather should be improving by then; so I can avoid the trap I normally fall into, of buying summer appropriate clothing in the winter sale, putting it away until April, then dragging it out to find that I don't like it any more, and it's money wasted. 

I tried to keep within a budget I had set for the winter capsule and I ended up with quite a lot of new things, but I did sell a lot of my older stuff on eBay and depop to raise funds for this. I was also really lucky in that I had some vouchers to spend which helped to keep the costs down.

One of my favourite purchases was my Topshop leopard coat which I've not been able to wear that much, as there's been so much rain! I couldn't wait to wear it at the sight of a dry, cold day, so hopefully there will be more of those as winter goes on!

Leopard print seems to pair well with khaki and I really like the way that these pieces look together. I reached for another carryover piece from my autumn capsule, these Jigsaw peg trousers, as a point of difference to jeans; in face, I've got only 3 pairs of jeans in the winter capsule, several fewer than the autumn one. I just found I was wearing the same pairs over and over again, so the ones I clearly don't like as much have moved on, to be replaced by other things I'll wear more!

XO Amie
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