Capsule Wardrobe Continuations

capsule wardrobe, Finery dress, Whistles jumper, Topshop jeans
Capsule wardrobe, Topshop jeans, Whistles slim trousers, Finery dress
Capsule wardrobe, Topshop Boutique judo jumpsuit, Topshop Binx jeans, Whistles cashmere jumper

Key pieces: Finery dress here Whistles jumper similar here Topshop Binx jeans, in black as well, here and here Topshop Boutique jumpsuit, similar here, Whistles slim leg trousers here

I mentioned in a previous post that my winter capsule wardrobe is now pretty much complete, and though I was meant to get this sorted before the end of December, I allowed myself a little grace with the timings because of Christmas and New Year. I worked right up until just before Christmas and then had a couple of weeks off, but these were spent busy with friends and family and working on the blog, so I hadn't really had much time to have a proper sort through.

I did manage to get through my wardrobe just before work re-started again and it wasn't very difficult, really. I had already had a look at what had worked and what hadn't for my first capsule and readily identified gaps in the wardrobe; the autumn capsule was a real learning curve and I kept editing it down so by the en of December I really felt that I was running out of clothes. It's a really great way to decipher what you do and don't like; as I was making myself wear everything in the capsule it meant there was no facility to let something languish forgotten. If I didn't wear it, or I didn't like it when I wore it, I either sold it on or donated it to charity.

What I've transferred over to the winter capsule constitute some of my favourite and most worn items from the autumn one, that will also be useful in the colder months. The grey Finery dress that I've got a lot of wear from at work is one such piece, and likewise the Topshop Boutique wool judo jumpsuit. I also absolutely love these Whistles slim black trousers which are smart whilst still being edgy.

More casual wear wise, I edited the multiple (6?) pairs of jeans I had in the autumn capsule by half, to the ones I wore the most and liked the fit of best. These were the Topshop Binx style in black and blue and my favourite ASOS girlfriend jeans which I've worn on most of my days off! Comfortable and stylish, my kind of thing! I also kept out this Whistles boxy cashmere knit (similar here) just because I loved the colour and there still isn't a lot of colour in my winter wardrobe!

XO Amie

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