Sequins in the day

David Bowie, 1947-2016

I had a post ready prepped for today, but given the news that I read whilst drinking my cup of tea this morning, I have forgone it in favour of a different post. I wanted to talk briefly about the David Bowie, who sadly passed away yesterday.

Whilst Bowie's music is what he is arguably most known for, (and rightly so) this man was so much of an artist in every aspect of his life. I remember as a child looking at his records that my parents owned; and revelling in this beautiful, intricate, delicate alien figure gracing the artwork. 

His carefully considered, often androgynous and gender fluid styles and aura were light years ahead of his time, and he was quickly adopted as a cultural icon by those who weren't as brave, or as able, to portray themselves in that way. I distinctly remember wearing a sequin jacket to work one day, layered over the top of a tee shirt, and thinking, I'm channelling 'David Bowie' today. His style is significant of an era, his ability to continue to adapt and change through fictitious personas and genres is testament to his iconic status.

Talking to my mum about it this morning, she wrote in a text message 'he was our youth.' He gave a voice to those who couldn't speak, charged a generation with energy and commanded respect and admiration for the things that set him apart from all others. 

He leaves a world that is poorer without him, and the sequins of winsome lyrics that will sparkle in the mind for ever. 

XO Amie
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