The Winter Capsule: Shopping my Wardrobe

Selections for the winter capsule 

I've already posted here about looking ahead to the winter capsule, and I have started to shop my own wardrobe (an idea I used to laugh at!) in preparation for switching over to a newer selection. I took several bags to the charity shop when I started the capsule wardrobe project, and of what I have remaining in my 'winter' clothes selection, some things will be swapped in to the capsule, some things will be stores, and, the best bit, some new things will be purchased. 

This capsule plan should be done during the last two weeks of the month you change the capsules over, but because this is over Christmas, I've started to look at what I've already got, so I can choose what I want to buy accordingly (and maybe pick up some sale bargains!)

I had kept an underbed storage bag of clothes that I loved but weren't really seasonal, so I went back through this last weekend. Some of what I sorted out has gone to charity (I just didn't think I would wear it again) and some is truly seasonal (high summer tops/shorts/dresses etc) so this will stay in storage but I have managed to edit what's left down to one underbed storage bag. I have two small bags of vintage clothes (sentimental things that I won't wear but want to keep) and that's all my clothes. Amazing, for someone who used to have a practical clothes mountain (and also nothing to wear. ever.)

About half of this autumn capsule will go back into storage; lighter weight tees, knits and short sleeve tops that were ok for a mild autumn but not so for winter, and I want to swap a couple of things out for similar things I've not worn for a while (such as shirts and jumpers). This first capsule wardrobe has been a lesson in what I wear and how I can maintain my style with an edited amount of things, and I will be talking more about what I've learnt in another post.

The idea of 'shopping my wardrobe' has never appealed to me; I wanted new things, things that I hadn't seen hanging up for weeks on end, more choice, different stuff. I have found that by storing unworn items away from the main wardrobe, I do forget what I have and so when I come to look at these things, they do feel fairly new. I have also found that if I think 'meh' when I get something out of storage, it goes. All of the pieces about I truly love and can't wait to start wearing again!

I have selected 4 tops first off: 3 shirts/blouses and a smart shell top. The black shirt is silk, it was a charity shop find that I hadn't ever worn, despite loving it! The neutral floral printed shirt is also a chazza find, I did wear this a couple of times but it is surprisingly warm so was too thick to wear much during the summer, hence thinking it would be great for this time of year, whilst also providing a bit of colour. The navy shirt is from Whistles, the loop print makes it quite a statement and it can be dressed up or down. Finally, another chazza find, a grey wool top from J. Crew which, again, I loved but never had much of a chance to wear.

I've kept some pieces to continue on from the autumn capsule and I'll be talking about these seperately, I also have a shopping list of items to pick up which I will also dedicate a post to. I am hoping that the winter capsule is more of a success than the autumn one and that the foundations of the capsule wardrobe most tailored to my style is becoming more of an achievement.

XO Amie
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