Considering the Winter Capsule

Winter capsule colour edit

In just a couple of weeks, the first season using a capsule wardrobe will draw to a close. I never imagined that I could go for all that time without making a purchase, and certainly didn't think that the capsule I had selected for autumn would have been as useful as it has turned out to be.

That's not to say there haven't been difficulties within the challenge, and I will go into those in more detail when I comprehensively round up the autumn capsule in it's own post. For now, thinking ahead to winter is where I'm at; especially since the allocated time for shopping/switching the capsule lands squarely over Christmas, so I thought it would be good to get a head start so I can hopefully pick up a couple of pieces for the winter capsule in the sales, having already identified what I want!

The main thing I've realised from the autumn capsule is that it wasn't very cohesive (again, I will talk about this more in-depth in a later post) and I had picked things that I really loved, but often were a little tricky to wear together. I had also really focussed on a neutral palette, and as a result I have found that all I seem to wear is black and grey, with a little khaki green. I famously never wear colour, but I do feel like the capsule would benefit from an accent; and I've chosen a selection above that I feel would work well with the neutrals I already have in my wardrobe.

A splash of burgundy would work well with grey, whilst a touch of mustard would bring a new freshness to my navy coat. My go-to workwear favourites of slouchy midi dresses and ankle boots would also translate to down time with a sweatshirt thrown over them and a classic leather skirt; this one is not quite pencil, not quite mini, is a quality investment.

XO Amie
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