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asos shearling white lable jacket
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asos white label leather jacket vintage dress

Wearing: ASOS White Label shearling aviator jacket vintage dress Staccato shoes vintage belt

I have been blogging since 2009. 2009! 5 years of blogging. I thought to would be fun to look back at some of the archived images from my blog and talk a bit about the particular look, whether I'd still wear it, etc. I have to prefix any posts like these (maybe pre-2012) with an apology about the photo quality; I didn't get a DSLR camera until fairly late in my blogging career, but my point & shoot worked perfectly well for the first few years!

This outfit perfectly encapsulates the ability of vintage clothing to transcend trends. This still remains one of my favourite dresses; picked up in a Devon charity shop, I found it again the other day and remembered shooting it for the blog so that kind of inspired this post. I don't think it has dated; I'd wear this exact same outfit all over again in a flash (except I no longer have the shoes, as I wore them out!) and the midi length is always a favourite of mine, as well as being on trend.

This ASOS White Label shearling aviator jacket remains the most expensive thing I've ever purchased, but in terms of cost per wear, it's more than paid its dues. I love the way it toughens up this feminine dress, I also added a mens leather belt to cinch the dress in and make it more fitted. I wear the aviator jacket every winter, it's exceptionally warm and makes a perfect throwover.

This post was first published in 2010 and I don't think my style has changed all that much since then. I used to be obsessed with layering, adding loads of accessories, and making sure my looks had loads of different elements, and this was one of the first posts in which I really stripped back my look and let a couple of luxe items and simple cuts do the talking, which set the bar for my style going forward. Testament to this is the fact that I like this outfit so much today, still so relevant to my personal style.

XO Amie
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