Cosy night in with BFI Love Season

Pamper kit c/o Plusnet 

The British Film Institute's LOVE season runs until the end of December, and its aim is to rekindle the nation's love and enjoyment of the most epic and enduring love stories. At this time of year, social schedules fill up fast, with parties to go to, dinners to attend and cocktails to drink. It's all too easy to let the comfort of a quiet evening in be shelved in favour of a whirlwind of socialising.

However, it's refreshing to press pause on the parties even if just for one night, and unwind with a good film and a spot of pampering. I was kindly sent some elements to put together the perfect evening in, and I wanted to share them here!

I was able to select a film from a list of absolute classics to watch via the BFI Player and I was also sent the mega weepy Casablanca on DVD; entertainment sorted! In conjunction with this, I recieved an array of pampering products from face wipes to eye masks and I added in my nail polish and body lotion as well to make the evening all about relaxation. There was even a packet of popcorn, too; a must have for any self respecting movie night!

I love a feel-good film and I also adore films about love in the less overt sense; films like Shirley Valentine where a woman learns of her own self importance and how she has to love herself; Billy Elliot where a passion and love for an art becomes all-encompassing, and The Full Monty where the love and depth of friendship has never been more apparent. 

What's your favourite film about love?

XO Amie
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