Review: The Body Shop wild rose hand cream

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I've been a long term fan of The Body Shop products and notably their hand creams, and this wild rose one was on my wishlist for a long time. I was put off buying it initially when I was browsing for a new one in store, and I was recommended the hemp variety by the sales assistant. I really didn't like the smell of that one, although I did learn to, but it made such a difference to my dry hands that I repurchased it several times. I liked the scent of the rose one, but was advised it was not as good as the hemp version.

I bought a few bits online recently and part of my order included this hand cream as a free gift with purchase, so I was really excited to try it out. As you would expect from The Body Shop, the product contains ingredients with natural benefits, such as rosehip oil and brazil nut oil which hydrate and help to reduce brown spots. It also includes an SPF which isn't something I would necessarily look for in a hand cream, but makes sense as your hands are always exposed to the sun.

I think if you didn't have particularly dry hands, this would be a really great hand cream for everyday. Because my hands are so dry at the minute, I don't think anything but the most intensive creams will help to  moisturise them, but for days when my hands aren't so dry, this is really good. The smell of it is delicious, floral and rose-like without being artificial, and it is quickly absorbed although it does leave your hands feeling a little 'powdery' which I don't like.

I would buy this hand cream again and I think it would be more useful in the summer, helping to counteract the UV rays and prevent sun spots. 

XO Amie
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