2015: A year in outfits

2015 in outfits

It's become somewhat of a tradition now for me to post my favourite outfit from each month of the year in a round up post at it's end. Looking back over 2013 and 2014 I don't think my style has really changed very much, there's still a lack of colour but I have got braver with print and am finding leopard print my classic favourite!

Like years before, skirts have only made up 2 of the 12 picks; It's been a good year for trousers and jeans too as I come out of the skinny jean comfort zone and look to cropped wide legs and girlfriend fit jeans as my new go-to styles. I am sure I said this last year but I will make a conscious effort to wear more skirts and dresses this year! I have a couple of really nice ones and so I'll have to try and feature those more.

I have got really lazy with my backgrounds too this year; it's so easy to stay in places that you know but the times I've actually made myself find other places to shoot posts, I've been really pleased with how they've turned out. Hopefully in 2016 I'll be able to do more of that. I'd also like to up the amount of styling shoots I post as well; I always imagined this blog to be personal style, with a bit of beauty and lifestyle thrown in, and I know I have veered over to more content around the capsule wardrobe since October, but I'd like to start posting outfits on a more frequent basis in 2016-that's my aim anyway!

I thought it would be nice to also include a list of some of my most-worn pieces; I've linked them to them or very similar items!

Hope you like this round up-what was your favourite look?

XO Amie
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