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Olivander loafers c/o Ted & Muffy Vintage watch Lady Gaga 'Fame' fragrance 

There are certain things that will always be in my wardrobe, and the capsule wardrobe I'm currently working with is really helping me to see what those things are. I was kindly sent some really beautiful loafers recently by footwear brand Ted & Muffy (you can read more about them in this post) and I wanted to post about them in more detail before packing them away; I am storing them for my spring capsule as I don't want them to be ruined by wintery weather!

These loafers are real classics. I was very kindly allowed to choose a pair of shoes from the Ted & Muffy website and I spent ages looking at all of the different styles, but eventually settled on these because a slipper shoe is a style that was missing from my shoedrobe. I adore the tassles and broguing details to the front of these; and I liked that the chestnut brown leather brings a little colour to my shoe collection (although this style also comes in black.)

Of course, they have a whiff of Alexa Chung about them too so it made sense to snap them with my latest issue of Elle, upon whose cover the aforementioned AC graces. I added in a couple of my other favourite items of the moment with the shoes; a vintage watch which I wear more as a bracelet, and a bottle of Fame fragrance by Lady Gaga! I recently used up a couple of bottles of perfume and so I'm now working through some others in my collection. I try not to hoard products or buy if I don't need to, and so, with the exception of Karma by Lush which is my signature fragrance, I'm trying to refrain from buying more perfumes until I've used up the ones I've got. I don't think perfumes have an exhaustive shelf life, either, so it would be good to get through them before they go off!

What are your wardrobe 'classics?'

XO Amie
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