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Of course, anything to do with new-season footwear is always going to generate my attention; I've always been a shoe girl and love anything to do with south of the ankle action. I like this time of year as sandals and ballerinas are packed away, and ankle boots, brogues, monk shoes and knee boots take centre stage; with, of course, the first look at decadent and lustrous party heels!

 Ted & Muffy are a brand steeped in heritage and fairly local to me; their Bath branch comprises one of only three standalone stores countrywide but they have a comprehensive website which ships worldwide and their products are well received by shoppers leaving great reviews!

Ted Maltby spent years travelling the Italian countryside, meeting with some of Italy's finest shoemakers. He would later meet Myfanwy (Muffy) Davies, a lady who, after moving to London from her native Dorset, became so enthralled with the fashions of the 1960's and 70s that she 'lived on bread and butter so that [I] could spend all my wages on clothes." Sounds like my kind of woman!

With Ted's skill and expertise in buying quality leather footwear to sell to the women of the UK, coupled with Muffy's knowledge of fashion, trends and style, it was a natural progression for the couple to open their own store, selling handpicked boots and shoes from their own commissioned collections. It wasn't enough that the quality was top notch, either; the pair ensured that every shoe or boot they sold would come in a range of widths to fit all feet and leg proportions, enabling women of all sizes to invest in beautiful and classic footwear.

40 years on, and Ted&Muffy still provide the buzzword for beautiful, crafted shoes that are as close to bespoke on the high street as you're likely to get. Check out the full range on the website, which includes over the knee boots, ankle boots, brogues and courts within the range.

XO Amie
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