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Maybelline the colossal go extreme volum mascara

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Mascara is a bit of a beauty enigma for me, as I've never seemed to find one that I always repurchase. Certain skincare or foundations that I've tried over the years, or, more importantly, liquid eyeliner (I swear by this bargainous one) have stood out as being the best products for me, so I rarely even try anything else, but with mazzy it's a different story.

Having tried everything from very high end to very high street, via pretty much every counter in between, there has never been one that I've thought, I've got to get that again. Consequently I stick to mid-priced high street brands, as I find it difficult to justify spending over the odds on a cosmetic that might not work that well for me. I bought a Dior one in duty free once on the way back from Paris with Adrian, and I remembered thinking that it would make my lashes look incredible, and being quite disappointed when it wasn't anything special. Likewise I've been unsurprised when a £2.99er ends up being hopeless, too.

A couple I have really liked using are these 'Go Colossal Exreme! Volum'Express' ones by Maybelline. I really liked the matte colour of the 'leather black' version and I also liked the brush, which is pretty much the size of your eye but this does mean the product packs on without too much faffing. You really only need a couple of coats and you're done, and it does give a wide eyed, fanned out look to the lashes and also lives up to it's claims of volumising. The only thing I didn't like about this one was that it did transfer onto my upper eyelid through the day which really annoyed me, so when I rebought it I thought I'd try it in the waterproof version to prevent this happening. Sadly, one wear in and it was smudging just as badly, which was also really annoying but speaking to a counter MUA she advised that unless the mascara was waterproof and smudgeproof this would continue to happen. 

With this information to hand, I went off to look for a waterproof, smudgeproof mascara, which was surprisingly quite difficult to find. I did find one eventually and it's ok, but again, not really anything special. Any recommendations on decent mascaras would be really helpful!

XO Amie
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