Festive Wreath DIY

Wreath making equipment c/o Turtle Mat

The Christmas countdown is in full swing with trees going up and lights being switched on all over the place, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to post about a DIY festive wreath that I have put together with a little help from Turtle Mat. I used to really enjoy posting DIY projects on the blog and as I haven't done one of these for some time, I thought it would be really enjoyable and help get me into the festive mood!

I was sent a box of equipment to make the wreath by Turtle Mat, along with a £10 Amazon voucher to buy any extra items that I needed to make the wreath even more festive. I did a little bit of research on Pinterest first, to decide on the type of wreath I wanted to make, and chose a classic festive style in reds and greens. Using my voucher, I bought a cream poinsettia garland and some red tissue paper to add colour and texture to the finished product.

To begin, I cut the tissue paper into strips around the metal wreath hoop and wrapped the tissue around the hoop. This gave a lightweight and colourful base to the wreath. You can fix any loose strips of paper with a small square of sellotape on the rear of the wreath if needed.

Next, I attached the hanging loop at the top of the wreath, and then I wound the poinsettia garland around the frame. This was quite fiddly, as I wanted to ensure the front of the wreath looked strong with lots of flowers and berries on show. I used the wire berries supplied to fix the garland into place once I was happy with the placement.

Part of the kit included a festive robin, so I added him into the lower section of the wreath to give a bit of a focal point to it. I ended up not using the dried orange segments or bells in the finished design, but instead kept it a little more simple and clean. I think this would make a great centrepiece to any decor, or, of course, a great door hanger. I was really pleased with how it turned out!

XO Amie
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