Black Fri-yay or Black Fri-nay?

I was woken this morning by the ping of my mobile phone as email after email downloaded promising discounts aplenty this Black Friday. I've already talked a little about the day itself in this post, but I wanted to also post a quick round up of the best/worst parts of this fairly recent shopping phenomenon.

With the Asda/Wal Mart group turning their back on the shopping event in the UK, has Black Friday already burned out? Quicker than the demise of the UK Boxing Day sales, Black Friday is no longer about a day; I've been seeing and hearing about early offers all week and there were only a select few retailers who really waited out to launch their promotions on the day itself. Of those who did, fewer still will offer the deal just for Black Friday, with many choosing to extend their offers through the weekend.

Good things about Black Friday? A chance to get in on the discounting prior to Christmas, which means that a heads up on your shopping can work out less expensive than budgeted for. Likewise, if you were looking to replace homewares and electrical items, you'll find many on offer at discounted prices.

Not so good things include the horrendous battles on the high street, the sheer volume of sales meaning that if you aren't quick off the mark, you'll probably lose out, and the fact that many stores will supply particular stock just for Black Friday, to make the deals look and seem better than they actually are.

I used to shop sales relentlessly. I would buy and buy and rarely wear/use/like half of the stuff I'd bought after a week or so. One of the things that I've found through the capsule wardrobe project that I've been doing is that you don't need a lot of stuff; although it feels as though you might sometimes, and 'retail therapy' is a quick and expensive fix. 

Taking this on board, I've tried to be more mindful this Black Friday. I had made a list of things that I wanted to get for my winter capsule and I had thought that if any of the things I had wanted to get were discounted, I would pick them up. Rather than shopping mindlessly, I've tried to view it purposefully, and avoid the usual tact of buying everything because it is discounted. It does make you think more carefully about what your money is being spent on, and also how clever retailers are at making us part with our cash.

Have you bought anything this Black Friday?

XO Amie
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