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Throwing back to the start of 2014 for this archive post, and how I wish I still had those ASOS loafers! I wore them out; they were so comfortable and went with everything, and definitely made for a very cheap cost-per-wear! I don't even think they were that expensive to begin with!

I loved the lighting in these pictures which perfectly captured a crispy January afternoon. The weather wasn't too cold, and to see the sun was such a treat. I think I'd only recently bought that Whistles coat from the charity shop and seeing it here has reminded me to get it out of the wardrobe again; a certain contender for coat space in my Winter capsule wardrobe so I'll have to take it to the dry cleaners and get it freshened up. I'm trying to avoid buying a coat this year as I have a couple which are in perfectly good condition so they might just benefit from a clean before the need to wear them really begins!

I still haven't shopped since the beginning of October which is insane, I have struggled with this to be honest as there are a lot of things on my wish list, but instead of just buying random items frequently it is helping me see what I actually need, and what I actually wear. This capsule wardrobe project has been really useful in a lot of ways and I will definitely round up the first section before I talk about the winter capsule, and I definitely don't think my autumn capsule has been that great; I can see this is a work in progress and it will take time to really get to grips with working out what I actually need, and to further define my style, which I thought would be easy, but is harder than I thought!

XO Amie

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