Winter Sunset

Wearing: Whistles coat (via charity shop) H&M jumper and hat Gap skirt Quiksilver shirt ASOS brogues

Seaside resorts are so different in the winter. I love being by the sea, it's somewhere I've always felt very comfortable, and despite the fact that Weston is more of a channel, you do still get that distinctive sense of space and openness that it's hard to find at any other place than the beach. There's an intrinsic sadness to seaside resorts out-of-season, I find; everything is closed up, exposed to the elements, abandoned to the might of the sea. I spent many hours of solitude surfing the beaches of North Devon during these quieter months, the whole ocean to myself it seemed. Fast forward to the middle of the year and these same beaches would be standing room only; exactly the same as Weston, really, so I am making the most of the peace before the summertime madness begins again. 

Hard to believe that this time last year we were in the icy grip of snow as the 'big freeze' took hold, I wonder if any of that will be forthcoming this year? When my mum took these pics it was actually fairly mild for the end of January; it was only after the sun went down that it started to feel chilly. It was worth it, though, for the beautiful sunset; winter sunsets can be spectacular and this one was a real beauty.

I am wearing a really 'preppy' look according to my mum and I would agree! I bought this cropped (!) jumper from H&M a few weeks ago, despite swearing never to buy anything cropped, I've found that with a shirt underneath it actually works pretty well! I couldn't wear it on it's own, but I like it worn this way. The polka dot shirt is by Quiksilver and, well, who doesn't love a denim shirt!

The brogues are a recent buy from ASOS, they would have made the perfect school shoes back in the day, I like the simplicity of them and they are very comfortable, and go with everything!

I do love layering and I think this is why I prefer winter for dressing than summer, it's so much easier to throw lots of things on. Plus I am always cold so it's nice to wrap up warm! However I am longing for sun again, I hope the winter isn't too brutal and the sun shines again soon.

XO Amie
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