Review: Hair Rescue with Joico

Joico Moisture Recovery shampoo & conditioner c/o Bath & Unwind

My hair is definitely the beauty 'thing' that most people notice; despite my many years spent perfecting the perfect eyeliner flicks my wig tends to overshadow all else. I do feel blessed to have such long, thick hair, despite certainly not agreeing when I was a teen and taking the iron to it on more than one occasion *shudder* but it does take a lot of work to look after it.

My hair can get dry and frazzled especially on the ends, and I wanted to talk about one of the best product combinations I've come across yet to combat this. I am currently using The Body Shop's Rainforest Radiance range, which I've pre-emptively reviewed here, but unfortch it doesn't match up to the level of care delivered by a new-to-me brand: Joico.

Established by a Californian hairdresser in 1975, this scientific approach to haircare delivers results. One only has to glance through the reviews on the Bath & Unwind website to read glowing review after glowing review, and I can concur. These products are amazing. The difference in my hair, after one wash, was insane; my frizzy, crispy ends were smoothed, tangles were rinsed away and my hair felt as soft as silk. 

The moisture recovery shampoo is wonderful for deep cleaning without stripping hair of its natural oils. After rinsing, I applied a generous handful of the moisture recovery conditioner to the lengths and ends and left for a couple of minutes before washing out. I also loved the clean, fresh scent of the product; not too sweet or cloying. 

This might be the holy grail shampoo and conditioner that I've been looking for! At £12.95 for 300ml, they aren't cheap, but if you prefer to buy in bulk you can pick up a litre of the shampoo for £31, so you can make savings there. The prices are, I suppose, in coherence with a salon price point which is essentially what these are, and I would say, they are worth it. There is also a 3-for-2 promotion on at Bath & Unwind on this brand at the moment; well worth taking advantage of! Shop the full Joico range here.

I've also been using a Percy & Reed No Oil, Oil on my hair after shampooing to prevent heat damage. I try not to over process my hair but I do have to use a hairdryer after washing (if I let it dry naturally it would take about a week) and I use straighteners on my fringe and the lengths and ends. The No Oil, Oil is a really light product; you need only a couple of drops and then you work the product through the lengths of the hair to protect and add suppleness.

I also suggest that you have a look at the Bath & Unwind website if you have a minute, for an unparalleled selection of gorgeous luxury health and beauty products to make you look and feel amazing! They often have special offers on too, so keep an eye open for those.

XO Amie
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