Designer vs. High Street

Wearing: Marni x H&M jacket (old) River Island top (here) and shoes (here) Topshop Binx jeans (here) Primark hat (similar here)

I totally forgot I had this Marni jacket until I spied it hiding next to something else in the wardrobe. I've worn it pretty relentlessly since re-finding it, and I love the combination of textures and colours. It's cool, I think patent leather can be quite hard to wear if it's not on shoes but this makes a style statement without being too bonkers. I hope. The only thing about it is that tote bags slip right off it, making my new resolution to start taking cotton carrier bags to the shops nigh on impossible, but I persevere! It's  actually preferable than trying to use a handbag with a leather strap, which sticks to it! Not a jacket made with use in mind, I don't think, but not to worry!

I had a discount voucher for River Island which I posted about here and didn't spend it until the final day of the promotion, when I ended up picking out a simple top and some suede loafers. A black suede shoe was missing from my flats collection, so these ones fitted the bill nicely and were relatively inexpensive. They are also mega comfy!

I hadn't worn these Topshop Binx jeans on the blog before because I am such a stickler for black denim, and usually choose that, but in an attempt to stop wearing so much black, I went for these instead. The colour is really nice and I like the way that wearing them with black shoes makes them less summery. I really rate the fit of this style, although I think I reviewed them before and found I had to go for a longer leg length than I would normally go for as they are already cut to ankle grazer length, so if I buy a 30" leg I end up with ankle crackers which is not the look I want!

XO Amie
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