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The Body Shop rainforest shine shampoo (shop here) and conditioner (shop here)

When it comes to buying shampoo, I tend not to overthink it too much; I'll usually buy whatever is on offer at the time and just use that until it runs out. I posted here about some Lush conditioner that I had recently tried; I like it but I didn't feel that it had the detangling and moisturising properties that my long, thick hair needed, and whilst I like the soild shampoo block from Lush I wanted to try something different. I hadn't realised how dry my hair was until I tried a shampoo and conditioner sample formulated for that hair type, and my hair was so silky afterwards, I couldn't believe the difference it made! (I will actually be reviewing this sample shortly on the blog).

With that in mind, I decided that instead of aimlessly buying whatever I put my hands on first, I'd shop around for a shampoo and conditioner that would actually help my hair needs. I settled for this Rainforest Shine edition from The Body Shop, a place that I've always reverted back to for so many of my favourite beauty needs; and I picked this type as it is specially formulated for normal to dry hair, and will help to replenish shine with its varied oil content. I also like the fact that this product contains no silicones, colourants or parabens.

The 250ml sized product retails for £4.50 which puts it at a higher price point than those you might find at high street pharmacies, (although still much cheaper than Lush)  but I actually find that The Body Shop online offers discounts on the regular and so I often choose to buy from the site rather than in store. At the time I bought these products, there was a 30% discount offer on your whole basket, free delivery, and a free gift (I got a full sized Rose hand cream with the purchase) so it actually worked out better to buy through the website than it did in store! It's always worth checking to make sure you get the best deal, although delivery wasn't very quick so it's worth buying before you run out to ensure the new product arrives in time!

The shampoo smells fresh with a clean 'green' scent and the conditioner mirrors this fragrance. Rather  than just slapping it on, you are advised to work the product into a lather in the hands first, before applying. The same rule applies with the conditioner; mixing it in the hands and then smoothing through the hair from root to tip.

I'm sure I will review the products properly once I've used them up, as it's hard to tell immediately as to whether they will make a huge difference to the condition of my hair, but I am hopeful that they will and I hope they will restore my locks to their shiny glory!

XO Amie
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