Places to go: Whiteladies Road

A walk up Whiteladies Road

Bristol's Whiteladies Road is a veritable mecca of all the best that Bristol has to offer. The architecture is beautiful, the shops are a healthy mix of independents and commercial, and there are many eateries and pubs tucked along the route. Add to this the treasured selection of chazzas and it is easy to see why it's one of my favourite places to stroll in the City.

Whilst missing the buzz of the centre and the visual delights of the harbourside, Whiteladies Road, with its proximity to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Bristol Zoo, becomes a part of many a visitors journey. But hours can also be whiled away on the road itself, as it winds its way up through the borders of Clifton and Redland and brings the walker or driver to the beauty and unexpected expanse of the Downs. This place of solitude in such a busy city is somewhere I always enjoy visiting and the open space is relaxing and freeing. 

A friend of mine often posts photos on Instagram of cool signage and it has, in turn, influenced how I look at the humble shop fascia; it's often fascinating to see modern spaces in old buildings and retro signage left standing as a testament to brands and stores long since gone. The architecture is also often breathtaking, with attention paid to mosaic-ed entranceways and bay windows curving out into the streets.

Side roads reveal more unearthed treasures by ways of shops and market stalls tucked away over the weekends. Coffee and tart smells of fruit mingle with scents of baked bread and pastries to tantalise the senses and entice the mooching Sunday public to try and buy.

I love this part of the city and it's a great place to escape to. It probably isn't the coolest area but it does have a particular charm that always resonates with me, I feel comfortable and at ease here and exploring it is always enjoyable.

XO Amie
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