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Shirt & jeans c/o White Stuff (buy here and here) hairclips Monki

Days to chill out are so important. It can feel very unproductive, but taking even an hour (or ten minutes) to have a break and a cuppa is just what you need to refresh. I stare at computer screens all day long and then come home and stare some more, writing a blog post, watching telly, scrolling through Facebook. A break from the frenetic pace is always welcome.

White Stuff very kindly sent me some items from their sale, which is still going on and worth checking out here. I picked a couple of staples; a printed shirt and my favourite fitting of their jeans, the Southern Ocean crop. I also have this cut in ecru (seen here) and on my short legs they make the perfect ankle crackers when rolled down. They are such comfortable jeans and this colour goes from day to night seamlessly; they look awesome with loafers or ankle boots!

The shirt is an item that I always reach for but the print is slightly out of my comfort zone. I do really like it though; under a jumper it would add interest to any look and White Stuff consistently use amazing prints on their clothes, that aren't replicated elsewhere on the high street. It's a simple cotton button down style and I love the collar, the attention to detail is key too with a different pattern on the inside of the cuffs.

A perfect look for casual chilled out winter days, in my opinion. Armed with a magazine and a cup of tea-it doesn't get much better!

XO Amie
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