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Lush Karma fragrance // Milky Bath bubble bar // Golden Handshake hand soak // Decisive liquid lipstick

I've posted before, here, about my love of all things Lush and I had the chance to try out some new products recently so I thought I'd talk about them on the blog. I re-bought my favourite, almost signature by now, scent, which is Karma from the Gorilla Perfumes range. Karma is a scent that Lush use in several of their product and it is quite heady, and not for the faint hearted, but since buying it over a year ago in solid stick form, I've been obsessed. I've started buying it in the oil-based spray form now, as unfortunately the solid stick version has been discontinued in favour of a dip pot.

My beautiful and talented friend Steph also bought me a couple of pieces for my birthday; this Milky Bath bubble bar being one of them. It lasted for ages; you can use the whole thing in one go or simply crumble small pieces under running water and I managed to get several uses from this.  It made my skin feel so soft and the scent was amazing, not to mention how bubbly it was!

Steph also got me this Golden Handshake treatment. You place the product in a bowl of warm water large enough to fit both hands in, and when it has dissolved you put your hands in the concoction for about fifteen minutes. This, again, smelled amazing and made my hands super soft, and not too glittery either, which I was worried about! The only downside to this product was that I found it took absolutely ages to dissolve, by which time the water was just tepid. I think if I was to use it again, I would dissolve it in boiling water, and then by the time it had thickened I think the water would be cool enough to put my hands in.

The final product was a gift from another lovely friend, Maddie. She knows I love to wear a red lipstick, and despite having never bought makeup from Lush before, I was excited to try this out. A matte liquid lipstick, this gives insane pigment as well as being comfortable to wear thanks to the jojoba oil content. It's a lovely cherry red, slightly blue toned which suits my skintone perfectly, and an ideal colour for Autumn.

XO Amie
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