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I've been vociferous on varying occasions about trainers as not being my usual shoe of choice. I suppose I always seem to lean towards a ballerina or brogue, a loafer or a lace up as my preferred flat footwear; and never really invested in 'trainers' as such, although I do have a couple of pairs of Converse, I find these are about the most trainer-type shoe I can muster.

However, trainers have come a long way since the day-glo, air-bagged numbers of my 90's youth; it seems strange to think that at high school, you were considered a right nerd if you wore shoes like the Dunlop green flash (which are now, of course, unutterably cool) and Reebok classics, which are also experiencing a revival in popularity. I'm finding myself looking to invest in a pair of trainers, and there's a few that are definitely on my hit list.

I love the simplicity of the Vans-esque Kenzo slip ons, but the price is another thing entirely and this begs the question: why are so many trainers so expensive?! Most of them are made from fabrics and plastics, yes cost the same or more as a decent pair of leather boots! I struggle to comprehend it but I've managed to pull together a few styles here from across the price spectrum; the Kenzo style being atop it as the priciest pair. 

At the other end of the scale, these all-black Superga would be a really useful pair to have as they are quite subtle and would work well with any look. I really love Superga but I do find them to be quite a wide fit, which can mean that they feel a bit loose and not all that comfortable. However, for under £40 they might be worth a try!

Mid price range are these navy New Balance, a brand I've never invested in despite their current upsurge in popularity. These to me are a great all round style, I like the  narrower fit and the navy palette (most of the New Balance styles come in lurid colours but there are a few plainer ones, I like the grey colourways particularly as well as the navy.) Slightly higher up the price scale are these Nike Roshe Run trainers, a style I have been deliberating over for absolutely ages; I really love the look of them and the dark colourway is great; I really like the olive/khaki tones as a point of difference over black. I think these would also work well over the autumn as well.

I will probably decide on one of these styles but I can't choose my favourite; I think at the moment I might prefer the Nikes but I'd love to know your thoughts, leave your faves in the comments!

Do you wear trainers day to day?

XO Amie
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