What's in my bag: the festival edition

Festival bag essentials: Fringed bag and Pure Colour lip crayon and compact mirror c/o New Look

I've attended a couple of festivals this summer and this is quite unusual for me; I have been to Primavera in Spain twice now but this is a festival abroad, which I soon discovered is very different from a UK festival. I went to Secret Garden Party a couple of weeks ago as Adrian's band played it, and I'll be reviewing the festival in it's own post on the blog shortly too, but I've kind of got the hang of the stuff you would want to take with you when you set off to the festival site of an evening.

Now, the difference between the festivals I've attended so far this summer have been mainly down to the accommodation. There's no camping at Primavera, you stay in hotels or apartments which means there is not much need to take anything apart from some money to buy drinks, or drinks if you can take them into the festival site. At Secret Garden Party, it was solely camping so I would take a little more when I left the tent, simply because I didn't want to leave anything I considered valuable behind. I think the essentials I've listed could work for both, though!

First up: a handbag. I ended up using the same vintage bag at both festivals and it was a handy size but if anything, it was a bit large. The last thing I wanted was to be lugging a huge bag around with me all day, and this super cute fringed suede bag is ideal. Just sizeable enough for the essentials, it has a snap top so it is fairly secure and due to it's small size you could wear it under a coat or jacket for added security. Pickpocketing is always a risk at festivals, especially those abroad, so it makes sense to be aware of where your belongings are. You can buy this bag from New Look here, it also comes in a dark brown colour, and it's definitely worth checking out their great range of evening bags here.

My absolute must-haves for braving festival loos are hand sanitiser and multiple packs of tissues. I bought a load with me to SGP and gave a few out to friends, they are so much easier to carry than loo rolls and they can be put into a pocket much more easily! Hand sanitiser is a no-brainer as, let's be honest, festival loos are rank. Primavera's toilet facilities definitely trumped (excuse the pun) SGP's but overall they are bound to be a pretty hideous experience so it's best to prepare for it! I also had a packet of hand wipes with me the whole time which I used up so couldn't photograph; I can't bare the thought of having grubby hands so a wet wipe followed by a generous helping of hand sanitiser helped to sort any germophobia out!

In terms of beauty products, I take very little makeup with me and make up for this with a statement lip. this cute matte pencil from the new New Look Pure Colour beauty range is fab; so easy to apply with no faffing about or need to use any brushes or other tools, just scribble it on and you're done! A small compact mirror is ideal to keep in your bag as well for touch-ups of your lippy throughout the evening. In terms of scent, I actually took the solid perfume stick from Lush to all the festivals I've attended as it's so easy to stash in your bag and there's no risk of it breaking. Sadly they have been discontinued but I picked up a liquid in my signature scent which always helps to lift the mood, even if it rains!

Finally, my phone! I am quite on the fence about taking loads of pictures and videos during performances, I usually prefer to enjoy the music rather than trying to overly document the occasion but it is nice to be able to take a snap or two if you fancy it. This snap on wide angle lens from Urban Outfitters can also be an easy way to add a bit of depth to your images. I also think that if you do take your phone, you risk it being lost or stolen, and in Spain I left my phone at the apartment most evenings (I was with Adrian and a large group of friends so I wasn't too worried about getting lost and actually needing it!) 

What would you consider to be your must have festival evening bag essential?

XO Amie
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