#EmergencyHappiness kit c/o Viking

Sometimes in our busy lives it's easy to stumble into feeling a little down and it can be hard to make time for even the simplest of pleasures. It's important to strike a balance between feeling healthy, well and happy as well as working hard and keeping active, and though this can sometimes be difficult to achieve, Viking have helped to set the tone with their '#EmergencyHappiness' kits.

Designed to pep you up and inspire you to spread a little happiness to others, the kits are carefully constructed to help put a smile on your face and gain a little perspective if things are getting you down. I wanted to share one on my blog because I thought it would be a great idea to make up for a friend or loved one who was perhaps going through more of a difficult time; there are plenty of ideas that you can take from these kits and you can really tailor a care package to suit the recipient.

A lovely cup of tea and a biscuit is one of life's great pleasures and carefully packed into my Happiness kit was a small wooden chest containing tea bags and a pack of biccies; perfect for a quick pick-me-up or short break. Also included were a plethora of other items; from a lottery ticket to a lucky penny, sparkly glitter dust, and pencils and stamps together with post it notes to leave messages with. 

Viking ran a huge campaign to promote World Happiness Day (you can view the full story here) earlier this year, and I really support the ethos behind the promotion of World happiness. We are so much luckier than we realise in so many ways, and taking a minute to appreciate the good things in your life, and the good people, can definitely help bring a smile to your face. You can read more about the #EmergencyHappiness project here.

Would you put together your own Happiness kit for a friend or loved one? What elements would you include?

XO Amie
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