A Seventies vibe

Wearing: Vintage waistcoat Topshop jeans Topshop tee Whistles mules

Obviously, 70's influences are everywhere at the minute but this is probably about as close as I get to wearing something resembling the look. I never want to run the risk of looking too 'fancy dress' which is always a danger with a trend like this, but the combination of a cropped flare, a bit of vintage suede and a tassel or two seemed to good a mix to pass up.

I was so unsure about these Topshop jeans when I first got them, but I've worn them an awful lot; they are so comfortable and the high waist makes them so current. Most of my other pairs of jeans are a more mid rise style which I prefer over the super high, disco pant crotch; a high waist should end on your waist, not under your armpits (though I would have disagreed with this reasoning a decade ago when the waist belt was all the rage!)

My vintage suede waistcoat is another classic that I've blogged about previously, and it's the ultimate in 70's referencing with it's blanket stitched edging and natty trims. You can find these all over the high street at the moment and depending on your budget, you can pick one up in either real of faux material. Urban outfitters have a cool fringed one here and ASOS have a wicked one here. If you are after something a little simpler, check out Glamourous' offer here

South of my ankles is my new shoe obsession, the Whistles 'Acca' mule which I adore for the heel height and slightly frivolous fringed front. Like a brogue, but with a heel and open sides (and no back) these are the most amazing hybrid shoes that I can't stop wearing! Buy here.

Have you trend the 70's trend? How are you wearing it?

XO Amie
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