Review: Barry M Sunlight Curing Nail Polish

Barry M daylight curing topcoat and nail paint in 'can't get you out of my red'

It's not often that I post beauty review type posts on the blog but I picked up these two new nail polishes the other day and I wanted to talk a little about them. I have long been a fan of a gel manicure, and would always rely on something like that for a special occasion or when going on holiday; as you can guarantee three weeks (at least) of high shine colour and no chips, which are my absolute polish peeve. I actually bought myself a UV lamp and some gel colours after having a salon manicure twice and loving the results. I still use this, but I do find removing gel polish is a complete faff, as well as the 45 mins-1 hour application time it takes to do the manicure, so for a quick touch up between gels I do revert back to 'normal' polish.

The beauty of the Barry M range is that you can remove it with normal nail polish remover, and it also 'cures' with daylight, meaning that no UV lamp is required. The resulting manicure should be glossy and stay free of chips for up to 10 days, so not as long as your traditional gel polish but a good length of time all the same.

The polish is £4.99 which again is a lot cheaper than buying gel polishes which usually retail at around £15. I chose the topcoat (no other topcoat will work) and the bright red polish shade. There are loads of colours available but since I wear usually only navy, taupe or red, the red was the easy choice! 

After reading some other blogs that also reviewed this polish, I think I made an error in using a base coat first, as you don't really need to. I used one to prevent the polish staining my nails but it actually decreases wear time so you might not benefit from the full 10 days chip free. I'm yet to try it with no base coat, but I'm interested to see if it makes much difference!

I applied the polish in two thin coats, and allowed to dry. I did have my nails in direct sunlight when it was drying, and again when I'd applied the topcoat; this helps it to cure, or harden, thus giving the chip free, hyper glossy result. It was fairly quick drying and it did have a great shine to it and applied really smoothly.

It probably lasted about 5 days before chipping, but I think this was probably because I used a base coat, so I'll be trying it again without. For the price, I think this is a great polish; Barry M is such a favoured brand and I love how clever they are in terms of looking at the polish trends that are so well loved by so many women and filtering them down to the high street to make them affordable for all.

I would definitely recommend these polishes and you can buy them here currently at buy one get one half price!

XO Amie
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