Take one: backpack

Take one: backpack

A backpack is something I used to always associate with school, or work I suppose, but in recent years the humble bag has transformed into something much more that that. In carefully grained leather, it can become as covet-able as any designer handbag, and is often a lot more practical, too!

I've picked out a selection of my favourites and whilst they are all slightly different, they are all black in colour and most of them are leather; Pretty uninspiring, maybe, but also super useful and guaranteed to stay in style! I really like the canvas versions too, but somehow leather elevates what can be quite a basic bag shape into something a little more interesting. They are also great if you were looking for something to take away with you, that's a little more compact than a usual travel bag.

A couple of the brands I've featured here are fairly recent discoveries; I'd not heard of Katana before I selected one of their bags to feature here (centre, top row) but I love them! They are a French brand (of course) founded in 1989 and known for their superior leather work. With most bags under £100, they are also a more affordable brand if you did want to invest in a higher priced handbag but didn't want to spend, say, the sort of amount that Mulberry might charge. I have a fair few already adding to my wish list!

XO Amie
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