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Wearing: Monki jumper Vintage shoes ASOS girlfriend jeans (shop here)

I struggled to find a nice pair of jeans for so long, and now I seem to have found several pairs all at once! I've raved before about my ASOS Lisbon skinny jeans, and so when I thought I'd update my denim wardrobe still further, it was there I looked fist for a new pair. I've got an obsession with denim; I've even got a Pinterest board dedicated to it, and whilst I used to prefer dark jeans only, I've branched out into lighter washes, first with my ripped up boyfriend jeans and now with these, the girlfriend style from ASOS.

I chose these because they were in the sale, and I actually liked the wash although I wasn't sure on the fit at all. Even on the site, they didn't look that great (perhaps that's why they're in the sale!) but I thought I'd give them a whirl since delivery and returns are free on ASOS. So, what's a girlfriend jean? Basically, it's a slightly more fitted boyfriend style, straight on the leg and slightly higher on the waist, which makes a nice change from all the ever so high waists and super super skinny legs that are so popular at the minute. I suppose they are a cleaner, smarter version of the boyfriend jean; these ones have a big rip in the knee which makes them quite casual but if you were to choose a darker, non abraised pair I think they would look great dressed up with a heel; that's how they are shown on the website too.

When I pulled them out of the bag I instantly thought I'd be sending them back; the legs looked too straight and there's no taper to them as you'd find in a boyfriend jean. Then I tried them on, just to see, and completely changed my mind. I love the fit, which is relaxed but not baggy, and the way they looked with a simple summer sandal made me think they'd be a really easy staple pair to wear daily. I have since bought another pair in a different colour because I just think they are a lovely style, and I know I'll get a lot of wear from them. They're also in the sale now for £19; score! You can buy this pair here as they are still in stock.

One thing I would say is that they are short. I always take a 30" leg but the only sizes available were for a 32" leg, they looked short on the model on the site but then, they are 6ft glamazons so obvously, I thought they would, but even fully unrolled, the hems only come to the top of my foot, and usually a 32" leg is trailing along the floor. So bare this in mind when buying if you would normally be a 32' leg or longer.

I wore these with this Monki jumper and the charity shop shoes I blogged about earlier in the week. It's a bit of a mash-up; I feel a bit of a wally in a jumper and sandals but the weather can't make up it's mind at the minute so I just have to go with it!

XO Amie
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