Chazza haulin'

Chazza haul feat M&S blouse and jumper, unknown jumper, Peony trousers, Bruno Magli shoes (which get a post all their own here)

When undertaking the bi-annual clearup of my 'images' file on Adrian's computer, I found a few chazza snaps which had remained unposted. Not because I didn't want to post them, of course, they had just languished, rather lost and forgotten, amongst the other squillion images in the file. Once sorted, I realised I'd not yet posted them so I thought it would be nice to; apart from the Magli shoes snap which I've included purely for aesthetic purposes, (full post here) they are all new to the blog so I can chat away about them unhindered.

Charity shops truly are the best of times, the worst of times: to wit, nothing beats stumbling on an absolute gem (or five) but then comes the rub: you have to clean it up. Well, I suppose you don't especially if it looks ok, but I am not keen on the ol' chazza stink that seems to permeate whatever I buy so a quick spin through the wash is normally in order. Unless you have to hand wash the item. Or you have bought many a different shade of item, so you need to wait until you have enough to justify doing a wash. The struggle!

To this end, I've left chazza garms festering in my laundry basket for a month or more at times; shameful, I know, but I finally got around to getting some of them through a hot wash and onto the hangers to snap, and then of course, I can wear them!

First up: a nameless but rather natty looking jumper; this was about £6 if memory serves which was a more expensive buy but I love the knit of it, as well as the colour. I have gravitated over from an obsession with coats to an obsession with jumpers and jeans, and this is the latest in that collection! The slouchiness is on point and whilst it seems beyond the realms of possibility at the moment that I'll ever not need to wear a jumper, I feel I should get my wear from it before the weather turns super hot! (ha!)

A peg trouser is my favourite kind, and readers of yore will know my adoration for a 'granny trouser' and these just might be the best ever pair. They were £2.99 and there were two pairs in the chazza (someone must love a granny trouser as much as me to have bought two the same) but I restrained and only bought this pair. Despite their wintery visage, they are surprisingly thin and for 'now' I will be wearing these with a pale yellow jumper I bought in Topshop recently. In manner of The Queen, though I doubt she buys jumpers from Toppers. Or trousers from the chazza.

Sticking with the OAP theme is a jaunty little M&S knit I picked up in a Devon chazza (my fave) on a trip back home. It's collared and cost about a quid. Everything is cheaper in Devon (apart from houses) and the Devon chazza's are rich grounds of gem upon gem. I'm not sure how to wear this jumper, I mean, it's sleeveless, which sort of defeats the point of a jumper, but maybe with my girlfriend jeans and sandals (when it's hot) it will be nice!

Finally, one of my more recent buys, (apart from the Magli's) was this silk shirt from a local chazza.  It was a fiver, which I don't mind paying for pure silk (the silk shirt count now stands at 5) but what I really liked about this was the leopard print. Can you imagine the glamazon that would have worn this before me? I don't think she would have been seen wearing granny griggs checked peg trousers, but nonetheless, that's the beauty of the charity shop; all a total mish mash but many's the bargain to be found!

XO Amie
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