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Well, the sun's always past the yardarm somewhere, so I'd hazard a guess that pretty much  anytime is wine time, especially in the summer! So when I was offered the chance to sample a selection of the fayre produced by i heart Wines, I was never going to decline! I'm not a big fan of beer or even cider, despite my Westcountry roots, so my choice of tipple is usually either spirit based or a delicious glass of wine. i heart Wines have the latter cornered, and the 'mini collection' I was sent consists of all the big hitters. From a perfect summery chardonnay to a weightier but not-too-heavy merlot, the mini bottles retail at £1.90 each and are perfect for alfresco summer quaffing; simply add a straw and you're off! Should you prefer, you can also turn most of them into a spritzer with soda; the rose is recommended for this particularly.

i heart Wines are a fairly new brand, the company having started out as a doodle back in 2010. 5 years on and it's pleasing to see that the gorgeously graphic aesthetic of the packaging and very reasonable price point wraps up some fabulous quality product; sourced from the world over including Spain, Italy, Hungary and Brazil, these are deliciously tasty wines that adapt to so many occasions, from barbeques to summer salads. Whether you like your wines rich and smooth or crisp and refreshing, there will be a choice to suit!

XO Amie
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