Soft Springtime Beauty Picks

Moonstruck Minerals Pigments // Kate Moss for Rimmel // Nails Inc Polishes

I'm not usually keen on changing my makeup look, regardless of the season, but there is definitely something to be said for tweaking a failsafe or classic look now and then, just to hit refresh and make it a little more reflective of the current season. I love a berry lip in the autumn/winter, so naturally I should look towards something softer for spring!

A couple of these updates are pictured above. I usually wear lipstick, either classic red or a berry tone, but though I'm not averse to a nude colour, I do find these hard to wear; they can be quite unforgiving and it's difficult to find one that doesn't give the 'foundation lips' look or comes across in the other extreme; too brown. I picked up this Kate Moss for Rimmel soft pink in the shade 101 and it's the perfect in between; pale enough to make the lips look natural but not bubblegum pink either. You can buy it here.

For the nails, Nails Inc have done it again with the perfect nude in the form of this shade called Colville Mews. I have already tweeted about how much I love this colour; it's on my nails now and for a springtime lift I like to apply Camden Road (the glitter shade) either as an accent or on the tips of the nails, or even as an ombre. It's a very daywear-appropriate glitter polish whose neutral tones really complement the nude polish.

Finally, I've already talked at length about the wonderful Younique mineral makeup, and I have been thinking about switching out my usual copper and taupe eye colours for something a little softer. This mineral pigment gives great colour payoff and doesn't crease, which is a complete essential for me, and the lighter shade makes any socket colours or eyeliners I use really stand out.

XO Amie
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