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Photos from May 2011 (original post here)

I haven't done an archive post since the beginning of March and so I thought I'd revist the fashion file and see what I could find. I stumbled across this post from May 2011 quite quickly because I was looking for something around the same time of year as now, so I could compare the weather! By the looks of it, May was certainly not a heatwave back in '11 as I still have my jumper well and truly on!

I remember buying this jumper in Topman and literally wearing it with pretty much everything; it was a firm favourite for about a year but when you are supposed to be posting outfits, I guess the point is that they include different elements and as I pretty much wore this nonstop, it might have affected my blogging credibility! Oh well; I loved it and can't even remember what became of it now, it probably just wore out due to repetition!

I have said this before but I like to look back even if it's just 4 years and think, yep, I'd wear that whole outfit again, and I would with this one (maybe not the shoes though; I had a weird obsession for a crepe wedge for ages that refused to die but I'm definitely over that now!) The skinny black trousers, natty shirt and sweater are all elements of my wardrobe today, and once again I reiterate to myself how I should buy classic pieces, rather than faddy one hit wonders. I say this as I am currently looking for a fringed, suede jacket (!) which I'm not sure would be a wise investment or not, but I would like one all the same!I like this one from Urban Outfitters, but it's a lot of money to spend on one item!

XO Amie
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