Little Knitted Sweater....

After saying I never do face pictures on my blog, I seem to be drowning under a plethora of just those. Oh well-the aim of this one is more about seeing my shirt collar, and less about my mug!

This is such a basic outfit but one I absolutely love. Whilst collared shirts always remind me slightly of school uniform, as I get older I am embracing shirts and blouses over tee shirts as my top of choice. I love these black skinnies-they are ancient but fit so much better than any others I've tried to replace them with!

Blouse, Skinnies: Gap Booties: River Island Sweater: Topman

Although I am loving these River Island wedgy boots, I'm actually selling them over on ASOS Markeplace, along with a pair of Clog boots from Jones and a Stella McCartney jacket. I am trying to edit my wardrobe and sort out what I need from what I don't, clear a bit of wardrobe space AND pay my credit card off at the same time, so if you fancy a bargain, check out my Marketplace here.

The weather has gone typically 'English' again; no more hot sun but grey skies and overcast temperatures. Great! Though I suppose when you have to work it isn't so bad. Unfortch we only had a couple of days in Devon that were really hot, but it was ok as on the greyer days we hit up the charity shops.

Have a lovely day!
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