Style Essentials: Jeans

Style Essentials: Jeans

In my last Style Essentials post I talked about my fave flat chelsea boots, and how I'd almost worn them out (one of them does have a hole in it now!) and what better to pair with boots such as this than a trusty denim jean?

I wanted to talk about denim in this post because I'm finding it so difficult trying to replace a few of my fave pairs, (some included above). Shopping for jeans is hard. I had two favourite pairs of black skinnies, both from The Gap, both of which have finally given out and neither of which I can bring myself to throw away, because I simply can't seem to be able to replace them! I have recently ordered two pairs online, from ASOS and Monki, so I am hoping that at least one of them will be able to match up to the fit and fabric of the pairs that have given up!

If you have been reading Credit Crunch Chic from the beginning, you'll remember me proclaiming on more than one occasion that I'd never wear jeans. This rang true for several years, mind, and then I started working for The Gap; of course, after 4 years there I was beginning to wonder how I'd got by without my classic black jean/denim shirt double combo. Of course, it's nice to dress up, but denim for day or night is so easy. And if you find the right fit, the look is always effortless. 

I've included in my (many) images some shots dating right back to the earlier days of the blog (apologies for the quality!) but it just goes to show how a great jean can really ground your style. I've never really shrugged off that skinny jean/slouchy shirt vibe and it's a look I love to this day. I rarely stray from skinny, but I really like a slim boyfriend jean too; the black and denim Whistles versions I own have graced the blog on several occasions.

Key things to remember when jean shopping: Consider fit and style, inherently; bootcuts may be back but they don't suit me at all so I will be happily sticking within my fit-remit of slim or skinny. Personally, I favour a heavier weight denim; stretchy and light is ok for the summer but these tend not to hold their shape as well, I find. Fit is everything but so is colour; I usually zip between white and black and occasionally a little bit of grey or the classic denim; any of these will be hard working outfit cornerstones and finally, make sure they are comfortable, or you'll wait all day to take them off!

Love them or loathe them, jeans are always in style somewhere or another; and when you find the ultimate pair that work for you, you'll wonder how you did without them. I only hope I can find more to replace the ones that I've worn out!

XO Amie
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