Review: Nails Inc Nail Kale

Nails Inc Nail Kale in Regents Park

With all the advances in beauty technology today, it's unsurprising that a nail polish has been created with the dual purpose of nourishing and caring for your nails whilst colouring them. Step forward, Nail Kale from Nails Inc, a new range of polish that promises to do just that.

Now, I always thought that kale was just a vegetable, but apparently, it's the new buzzword in nail care. Promoting stronger, smoother and healthier nails, this polish ensures that you treat your nails as you colour them.

I got this polish free from Nails Inc when I joined their VIP program. You can do this online and for £5, you receive a full size polish (RRP £14) as well as getting a 10% discount on the online range, exclusive seasonal promotions and a birthday gift! You don't get to choose the colour of the polish, unfortunately, and I probably wouldn't have picked this shocking pink; however, it is a great way to add a splash of colour to more muted looks and the staying power of this polish is incredible; it applied so easily and didn't budge for days. 

Shop the range and find out more about the Nail Kale range and the VIP service online here.

XO Amie
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