Charity shop find of the week #12

Woven leather shoes £2.50

I've not posted a chazza find since mid January and I actually picked these beauts up a couple of weeks ago but have only just got round to snapping them for the blog. I have a thing about woven shoes; I think it is because I had this pair once, years ago, that I also got from a charity shop (in Barnstaple) and wore constantly for about 4 years. I loved those shoes; they were probably my all time favourite loafers and I don't even think any pictures still exist of them; sadly they met a sticky end after I wore them to a festival (?) and this immersion in mud coupled with the fact that we then lived in a flat suffering from damp meant that they basically went mouldy/fell to bits, and I had to throw them away, despite wishing I didn't!

The upshot of this is that, every time I spot something that could be a contender for those long lost loafers, I have to buy them. There have been many's the potential replacement, but I've been unable to actually find a suitable pair that I love as much, or is as comfortable, goes with as many looks, etc.

I'm hopeful that this latest find will change that. Possibly unlikely, as the lost loafers were tan, and these are, erm, not. However, that aside, they are similar in cut and style, made from leather (not plastic) which I hope means they will soften with age and wear. I really like the way they look on the foot and they are a great fit, too. This is the thing I love about charity shopping; where else could you pick up a perfectly useful and barely worn pair of leather flats for £2.50?! These were actually marked at £5 but when I got them to the till there was 50% off which was even better!

The charity shops where I live haven't been that good of late, as seems to be the way at this time of year. I suppose all the people who have given their post-Christmas unwanted gifts away have done so, and it's possibly a bit early for the real gems to be found once everyone starts their big 'Spring Clean.' However I did find a couple of things today which I will be posting soon, although I'd love to know if anyone else has had better luck! Leave your favourite finds in the comments!

XO Amie
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