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The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate your home and think about any changes you might like to make. I am pretty happy with how the flat looks at the moment; the area that I need to sort out is our workspace, Adrian and I do a lot of work from home and we are going to try and re-organise that area of the flat and make it more of a home office this year. Last year, though, it was the living room area; I bought a new sofa and coffee table and also some other new fixtures to make the that space a little more contemporary. The furniture we had previously had been through several house moves and was definitely in need of an update, and I wish I had known about Modani this time last year, as they have some amazing sofas and home decor accessories on their site!

I've pulled together a small collage of some of my favourite items, with this Onyxia sofa bed being the focal point. If you have a small flat, sofa beds can be an invaluable way of space saving; and it's always useful if you have guests to stay. I like how this one doesn't look like a sofa bed, but is very modern, minimal and chic.

The colour palette I have chosen to reflect the sofa is very much something I would choose in my own home; I love the combination of the brown leather and wooden accents against the white and metal and I had added a bit of colour with a fluro cushion. Soft furnishings are a great way of easily and cheaply updating your look without having to completely redecorate, and a neutral base of chrome, white, and brown means you can add almost any colour to feature.

You can view the full range of sofas here. It's a great place to get some interior inspo!

XO Amie
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