Casual Friday

Wearing: ASOS cardigan and trousers Gap shirt Superga trainers

Somedays, I love to just dress down and my go-to look for this involves a fashion sum: Slouchy trousers plus slouchy cardi plus sneakers plus some sort of shirt = my favourite outfit. I never really used to wear trainers but I love the look of a pair of smarter trousers and sneakers, it just seems an unusual combination but one that works. And is super comfortable too!

This ASOS cardigan is from the White range and was in my 'saved items' for years, it eventually went down to £15 from £95 so I'm glad I held out and snapped it up in the sales. It's the most gigantic cardigan, I didn't really realise how long it was until I am seeing it back in these pictures, but it is so super cosy and warm, and I love it.

As I mentioned, I hardly ever used to wear trainers, as early readers of my blog will attest, but as my style has adapted over the years and I think because I live in a city that is very walkable, I choose flat shoes for my daily commute. I picked up these Superga because I liked how simple they were (I don't dislike trainers as much as I once did but I'm still not that keen on ones that look like you could actually work out in them!) These Superga ones are a little more durable than converse and because they're black and white they go with everything!

I promise the beret is not stapled to my head but it seems to work with every look and it keeps my ears warm, so it continues its unbeaten run of appearances in outfit posts! Apologies, I am waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get the straw hats or bowlers out again!

XO Amie

PS I was featured on Verything's 2015 Trend Report which was really kind; you can read the article here.
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