Products I've used up #7

Empties: James Brown heat protect spray // Revitalift face and neck // Nip & Fab mango body butter // Noble Isle lightening oak shower gel // Botanics triple age renewal eye serum // Caudalie The des Vignes shower gel // Garnier Ultralift night cream

My last empties post was back in July and the one prior was in May; so it seems that every couple of months I get through enough products to warrant doing one! I also seem to end up alternating between skincare and cosmetics, and this time it's definitely skincare based!

I've got some great products to talk about and I'll begin with one I've repurchased, the Revitalift neck and contour cream. I wanted a specific targeting cream to use on my neck and throat and I have really struggled to find one; I did find some at higher end counters but they started at £50 and went upwards of £100 which is much more than my budget can stretch to. I spent ages looking for something more reasonably priced and literally the only thing I could find in the entire Boots store that actually said 'neck' on the packaging was this Revitalift face and neck cream. It was £9.99, so much more within my price point and it's really good; I've re-bought it since using this one up and it is great for lifting the neck and throat area as well as being really moisturising which helps to combat the turkey neck effect!

Speaking of moisturisers, I've recently used up my night cream which is a Garnier Ultralift. I liked the texture of this one but I've not re-bought it as I had a No. 7 night cream to use up so I've not needed to. I probably would repurchase it after the one I've got is finished because I did really like it. Similarly I really liked this Nip & Fab body butter, which is really luxe and very thick. I haven't rebought this either but I have got a pistachio one by the same brand which is lovely.

Two shower gels I've got through recently have been by Caudalie and Noble Isle. There's not much you can say about shower gels but these ones smell amazing! They were both quite spicy and quite Autumnal scents, and they made such a refreshing change from the usual sweet or fruit based fragrances. I would definitely rebuy both of these but the Noble Isle one is £20 and the Caudalie one is £9 so maybe something I'll ask for for Christmas!

The one hair product I've finished up was this James Brown heat defence spray. I used this every time I washed my hair, before blowdrying, and not only did it smell amazing but it also made my hair incredibly silky and soft. I am currently using a hair oil as I feel that is a little more nourishing but this product is definitely something I'd go back to.

Finally I used up my favourite eye serum by Botanics. I didn't rebuy this one, instead I went for a Nivea Q10 one but I wish I hadn't because it's nowhere near as good as this was! It really helped combat dark circles and undereye puffiness and just seemed to work better for me than the Nivea one is!

XO Amie
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