Products I've Used Up #6

Empties: Botanics All Bright Moisturiser and All Bright Face Scrub, B.Clean Melting Gel Cleanser, Per Una Originale Rosa Spray, Yardley English Rose Spray, Estee Lauder Mascara, Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara, Seventeen Miracle Matte Primer, Elemis Fresh Skin Exfoliator, Collection Felt Tip Eyeliner, Caudalie Fleur De Vigne Perfume Spray, No.7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara

I last wrote an 'empties' post back in May, which you can read here, and since then I have built up a veritable collection of products I've finished using. I have to say I was probably almost through a lot of these when I was prepping my last 'empties' blog, so it's not like I've just used them all up since May; some of them have been a bit longer lasting!

There are picks here that I'll rave about; notably the 'forever repurchased' felt tip eyeliner from Seventeen which is my all time favourite eyeliner, and the Boots Botanics range which, despite having not re-invested in this time, I will probably go back to at some point. I didn't re-buy it because I felt my skin had got a bit used to it, and there was an amazing offer on Garnier (2 for £12 or something, when one pot of day cream is usually £10 alone) so it actually worked out cheaper for me to try a different brand.

There are some that are also not so great; well, actually I think it's just the No.7 mascara that wasn't that amazing this time but I still used it up so it must have been pretty passable. It was never going to perform that well against two of my other faves, the 'Doll'd Up' by Seventeen and an Estee Lauder one which I've used so frequently the writing has rubbed off the packaging! It was a really good one overall though!

Despite getting stick for it being a granny scent, this Yardley 'English Rose' spray has been in my handbag and had a lot of use; it's from Boots and costs about £1.99. I love these really heritage brands and this scent is exactly what it says on the tin; plain English Rose, no frills, but a lovely simple scent you can layer or use to refresh. I really rate this and will definitely be buying it again. I also liked the 'Originale Rosa' by Per Una from M&S, which is also rose but with a twist, less classic than the Yardley version but still very wearable.

Probably my favourite of all these empties is the vial of Caudalie 'Fleur de Vigne' which is a beautiful, fresh and invigorating fragrance. I used this a lot and got a lot of compliments when wearing it! I think this one came with a Glossybox but I would definitely re-buy it and wear it again.

XO Amie
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