Instagram Week #42

Elle // Autumn Essentials // Evening sky // New jumper // Duo Boots // Brogues // Loafers // New lipstick // New dress

I've been so busy this week with various things that I don't feel I've taken any pictures worth sharing really but I did have enough to put an Instagram post together so here they are. I went over to Bath on Thursday for an event at the Duo shoe store which I have blogged about; whilst there I had a look around the shops and picked up a few bits in Urban Outfitters as well as a pair of loafers in Topshop.  I also got my hands on an amazing Dune pair too which I am so excited to wear; needless to say my flat shoe game is strong at the moment!

I am putting together a post on Autumn Essentials and of course had to include a brolly (!) but also my charity-shop found Tod's loafers and leather backpack. That will be coming soon, as well as a couple of makeup based posts, I am loving red lipstick at the moment and my most recent buy is from Natural Collection and is a slightly darker red than my usual bright one, and such a bargain!

XO Amie
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