Seventeen Base Product Review

Seventeen Stay Time foundation and powder, Phwoarr paint concealer

Seventeen is a brand that holds nostalgia for me because I think like most girls, forays into makeup begin with a high street brand such as this. I definitely remember coveting a 17 (it wasn't Seventeen until later) lilac lipstick which came out of its casing to look like a gun! Very un-PC (and I think it was probably meant to look more like a space gun; this was when 'Spaceman' topped the charts and white mascara was in. White mascara! ha!

Anyway, I never did get that lipstick, but I never really stopped looking at the Seventeen range either. I am probably way out of the target demographic for the range now, however, I appreciate the value and technology behind the brand which allows it to be afforded to so many but actually still do a pretty good job. I have definitely used foundations from this brand in the past, so when my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation ran out, I thought I'd try something different (plus they were on 3 for 2 at Boots!)

The first problem I encountered with the foundation is that it comes in limited shades. I chose Soft Ivory which is the second lightest shade in the range, because I am quite pale skinned and I would rather be a bit paler than look orange which is what always seems to happen if your foundation is slightly off. I buy shade Vanilla in Bourjois which I think is either the lightest or second lightest shade and this is a perfect match for my skin. I would say that the Soft Ivory shade is probably a touch lighter than that and possibly a little too pale for me at the moment; but I can work with it. I tried the next shade on the chart, Natural, out of interest and it was miles too dark, so  I'm just going to have to do my best with what I have!

The consistency of this is very thick, it's a full coverage and I used maybe a pea sized amount and worked it in with a buffing brush. It did feel a bit masky; I don't know if this is because I have been wearing a very light foundation so it feels strange wearing a full coverage one. I don't know if I checked to see the coverage before I bought it because I'm not sure if I would have, being as it is such full coverage and after a summer of BB creams and light to mid coverage foundations this feels too heavy. It did last all day though, which is it's claim-this didn't require any touch ups through the day, which is unusual for me as I normally always have to refresh my base makeup after lunchtime and mid afternoon.

I don't know whether it was the foundation that provided the longevity or the pressed powder, which I bought in Fair. This powder is amazing, it comes in only a couple of shades but isn't too pigmented so it doesn't really add any colour to your face. I applied it with a kubuki brush and it went on very easily, blended to a velvet finish and really did last all day; no need to reapply; no shine, the perfect soft focus, smooth looking skin all day. I used this powder over the Bourjois foundation and it worked just as well over that as the Seventeen one, so I would really recommend this for everyday wear.

The final purchase I made from Seventeen was the 'Phwoarr Paint' heavy duty undereye concealer in Fair. Novelty name aside, this is another product that I feel does what it says; I found the colour to be a good match and the coverage is indeed very full so it helps to conceal dark circles. The texture is slightly waxy so I didn't find this the easiest to blend, I also found if too much was used it would tend to collect in natural creases in the skin which is not a good look. This aside, it was long lasting and definitely justified its claims.

Overall, I am pleased with these purchases from Seventeen and for the price I think you can get some great makeup bag staples. Foundation and base products can be expensive and I've used items from both ends of the spectrum; it's about finding what works for you and whether that is high end or high street, if you love it, that's all that matters.

XO Amie
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