Instagram Week #41

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Another week goes by, and with it Autumn has decidedly made itself felt! I had thought the lovely long summer had to come to an end soon, and sure enough, it has. It was raining solidly all day today and over the last few days I've been really cold; today I have even considered putting the heating on which I suppose is about right for this time of year.

In this mindset I've been organising the second clothing rail I bought from Ikea; initially this was to keep my work uniform on so I have a really clear idea of what I have and it is easier to outfit this way. Gradually, however, other pieces have crept on to it but I do still have a decent wintery edit going on. Well, it's more autumnal at present with blazers and jackets rather than thick coats but I'm sure I'll need those soon too!

Prior to summer ending so abruptly there were a few beautiful days; one of which I spent in Weston and scored some bits from the chazza, another of which I spent in Topsham on a photoshoot. It definitely feels more wintery now, though, and I've updated my beauty regime accordingly, light nail colours are out and instead I am reaching for burgundy, grey, and rich jewel tones. I wear so little colour that I do need to include it somewhere!

XO Amie
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