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One of my favourite pastimes is charity shopping. I will often not find very much, or even anything at all, but having a good old dig through all the wares is something I do consider enjoyable. I know this is divisive; some people prefer to shop beautifully merchandised layouts with the minimum of fuss (by rights I also enjoy sale shopping, it's not so different) but I love the idea of finding some real gems which you know that no one else will have. I am currently compiling a post of my top 5 chazza finds EVER, and it's really not that easy; I've got some amazing things ranging from designer labels to random things that I just love the fit and style of.

I like to dress down when I'm off round the chazzas. If you can totter about from shop to shop in your heels then more power to you, but I'm happiest in a pair of flats so I can spend a length of time looking and rummaging, without the annoying ache of sore feet. Also I walk quite a distance on my charity shop trips so flats are always better. I really ought to replace these Chanel ones which I have practically worn out; they are the best fitting ballet flats I own and I love everything about them, so I will probably get them re-soled and heeled and wear them just a little more.

This top is from Zara and is a really oversized tee, I like to tuck it into skinny jeans and leave the back out for that probably-not-trendy-anymore dipped hem. I am currently really liking an oversized tee, skinnies and my Wojas biker boots from last year; it's my go-to day look and so easy to wear, but chic all the same. This jacket is actually the liner from a parka, I actually only bought the coat to get this liner out of it to wear as a puffa. Cool, no?

Finally, classic necessity for chazza shopping: a backpack. Gotta keep the hands free for digging, of course!

XO Amie
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