Archive #3

Pictures from August 2011

I'm really enjoying these archive posts that I've been doing; this was probably one of the first proper 'location' blog posts I ever did. Adrian and I went home for a week and it must have been glorious weather because I am wearing shorts and that's a rarity! I remember it was a really lovely relaxing week off, spent at both our parents houses and catching up with friends. I also noted I did some charity shopping (standard) in the Devon chazzers!

Adrian took these pictures with the DSLR, I'm not sure how I edited them but I'm loving the film grain effect to the shots. The colours look really muted and this seems to work well with the backgrounds; it was the end of August and even though it was hot there was a definite sense of the end of summer, the swallows gathered on the telephone lines and the bleached fields lending a more autumnal feel. It can't have been that warm either because I'm wearing a jacket! I still have this denim jacket and it still feels current, I wear it from time to time.

My mum and dad don't live in this area any longer and it's nice to have these pictures to remind me of the best parts of it; the beauty and the peace of the countryside.

XO Amie
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