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With one of my blogging friends (Tara) recently getting engaged and another (Steph) having just got married, when I was contacted by Vashi Diamonds to talk about their collection of Zodiac rings, I thought it might be nice to share them. I am interested in Zodiac signs and how traits and temperament are influenced by them; I am a Virgo and I definitely feel that I match the traits to that sign quite well; I am a perfectionist and I am organised, I also tend to gravitate towards the colours that suit that sign such as neutrals and earth tones, and I prefer the classic style of dressing to anything too 'on trend' as befits a person of this Zodiac sign.

I was interested to see how Vashi would take these individual traits and use them to create a range of engagement rings. Personal style is very important to a lot of people and you would have to like a ring such as this an awful lot to consider it as an engagement ring, a piece of jewellery that you will wear for the rest of your life! 

When I saw the lookbook, I of course skipped straight to the 'Virgo' ring and I have to say, it is probably the most 'me' of all of the rings featured. I love the simple cut, and the way the diamond is on it's own with no other stones around it. I think it looks very elegant and very beautiful. If I was being picky I would have made the band a bit finer, I don't like thick rings so much and this is pretty close to perfect other than that. I would also probably have a yellow gold band as I wear more of that colour than white gold, but in terms of the styling of the ring I think it's just lovely.

I'll be interested to hear whether you like the ring that pertains to your own sign, or whether you prefer another? It's an interesting idea and I wonder whether someone of a particular sign would be innately drawn to the ring that was crafted with them in mind.

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XO Amie
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