Your own personal space is a great reflection of your personal style, in my opinion at least. I am not sure that it's always the same; I am not a minimalist in the way I style my home but maybe more so in the way that I dress; I have a lot of bits and pieces but it's not too cluttered, I hope! Adrian and I have quite a similar style, we both love antique and vintage pieces and also random things (accounting for the burger phone and cat ornaments) and our home is a space for a collection of things we've picked up over the years.

The newest purchases have been the clock which was from TK Maxx and the wicker chair which I got from Ikea. I had wanted to get a wicker chair for ages and had the idea of putting a sheepskin over it. This is the computer chair that I use to blog from! I knew I wanted something other than a typical 'office' chair and this one fit the bill completely. It's so comfortable and that's really important for a chair that I use a lot!

Ideally I would like to get a new desk, but there's only limited space in our flat so the current small one will have to do. Adrian and I both use the dining table to work on; whether that's Adrian illustrating or me using the sewing machine or creating flat-lays of products and prepping blog posts. It's just a cheap one and initially I was really precious about keeping it pristine, then ink got spilled on it and it got a few other marks on it and now I think that adds to the character. I might even paint it or put a wood stain on it.

Nothing really 'goes together' in our front room but it does all work quite nicely. I love spending time here as it's the biggest room in the flat and it is really light. 

XO Amie

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