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This week I've been really busy, as seems to be the way of it most weeks but it's been nice to see some friends this week, starting with a meal on Sunday night and then catching up with everyone again on Saturday at a Howling Owl gig featuring Ela Orleans, who I'd never seen before but who was awesome. 

I've posted a bit about haircare this week as my lovely friend Steph gave me this Bleach London shampoo to try. I reviewed it here and will update the post after I've used it a few more times. 

Despite the changeable weather I have tried to make the most of the last few weeks of summer (although I've heard there's meant to be a September heatwave!) by getting my legs out and definitely not reaching for boots just yet. I have re-found an old fave pair of brogues that were tucked away in my suitcase of shoes and I have been wearing them a lot, with boyfriend jeans and a shirt they make a really cute and easy-wear outfit for the days when bare legs aren't the way forward!

XO Amie

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